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You've come to the right place for all your automotive fasteners hardware and specialty fastener needs! Since 1988 Northland Fasteners has been a leader in providing supplies for both body shops and classic restorations throughout the Midwest. We have recently expanded our inventory and staff to better meet the needs of our clients wherever they are.

We have the widest available selection of replacement hardware for American, European, and Asian vehicles available to the general public. Northland Fasteners can supply you with the highest quality replacement weather-strips, electrical accessories, rivets, retainers grommets and moulding clips in addition to nuts, bolts, screws and washers. We have a complete stock to solve your vehicle hardware wants be it an Acura, a Yugo or anything in between. So save time and do us both a favor - contact us for all your auto hardware and fastener needs. 

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We are proud to be the wholesaler of the complete Auto Vehicle Parts (Auveco Products) manufacturer/distributor of specialty automotive and industrial fasteners.

   We want your business and we’ll go the extra mile to keep it with the lowest possible prices and the largest selection of fasteners for early and late model domestic and foreign vehicles on the Internet. We can supply all fastener needs for jobbers, body shops and do-it-yourselfers – there is no minimum order and no order too small or too big.

We have the largest selection of fasteners  & clips for early and late model domestic and foreign vehicles on the Internet. If you don't see it.  Just call us!

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Automotive Body Bolts Nylon Nuts & Grommets
  Chrysler   Acura
  Ford   American Motors
  General Motors   BMW
  Honda   Chrysler
  Nissan   Ford 
  Toyota   General Motors 
Body Moulding and Window Reveal   Hyundai
  Acura   KIA
  American Motors   Lexus
  BMW   Mazda
  Chrysler   Mercedes
  Fiat    Mitsubishi
  Ford   Nissan
  General Motors    Toyota 
  Honda   Volkswagen 
  Lexus Push-Type Retainers
  Mazda   Acura
  Mercedes   BMW 
  Mitsubishi   Chrysler 
  Nissan   Ford
  Suzuki   General Motors
  Toyota   Honda 
  Volkswagen   Isuzu
  Volvo    Lexus
Electrical Items   Mercedes 
  American Motors   Mitsubishi 
  Chrysler   Toyota
  Ford   Volkswagen 
  General Motors    Volvo
    Specialty & Nylon Rivets
Headlight Adjusting Assemblies   Chrysler 
  American Motors    Ford 
  Chrysler   General Motors 
  Ford   Lexus
  General Motors   Mercedes
  Nissan U & J Nuts  
  Toyota   BMW 
Hinge Pin & Bushings   Ford 
  Chrysler   General Motors
  General Motors    Honda
License Plate Fasteners   Mercedes 
  Chrysler    Mitsubishi 
  Ford    Nissan
  General Motors    Toyota
Metal Clips and Fasteners    
  Chrysler  Xmas Tree & Retainers
  Ford   Acura
  General Motors    American Motors
Nylon Clips and Fasteners   Chrysler
  Acura    Ford
  Chrysler   General Motors
  Ford   Honda
  General Motors   Hyundai
  Honda   Isuzu
  Isuzu   KIA
  Lexus   Lexus
  Mazda   Mazda
  Nissan   Mercedes
  Toyota   Mitsubishi
  Volkswagen   Nissan
  Volvo   Scion
Specialty Screws & Tapping Screws    Volkswagen
  General Motors     

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We have the largest selection of fasteners  & clips for early and late model domestic and foreign vehicles on the Internet. If you don't see it.  Just call us!
  Metric Fasteners
  Nuts: Tubular, Flat, "J", "U" cage, Spring,  Extruded "U", Well Nuts® & Wheel Nuts

Headlamp Adjusting
Assemblies And Components

  Door & Trunk Lid Hinge Pins and Door Hinge Bushings

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Specialty Screws
Body Bolts, Metric Screws & Nuts
Thread Cutting Nuts, Bolts
Retainers, Shims & Finishing Washers
Electrical Accessories
Weatherstrips & Rubber
Trimming Sundries & Specialty Items


Automotive Hardware
Body Bolts
Bumper Bolts
Automotive Clips
Auto Body Fasteners
Well Nuts
Auveco Well Nuts

Acura & Honda OEM Numbers
Chrysler OEM Numbers
Ford OEM Numbers
General Motors OEM Numbers
Nissan OEM Number
Toyota & Lexus OEM Numbers
Mercedes OEM
Moulding Clips - Acura
Moulding Clips - Chrysler
Moulding Clips & Fasteners - BMW
Moulding Clips - Ford
Moulding Clips - GM
Moulding Clips - Honda
Moulding Clips - Hyundai
Moulding Clips - Isuzu
Moulding Clips - Lexus
Moulding Clips - Mazda
Moulding Clips - Mercedes
Moulding Clips - Mitsubishi
Moulding Clips - Nissan
Moulding Clips - Toyota
Moulding Clips - Volvo
Moulding Clips - VW
Moulding Clips - Universal
Moulding Clips- Store
X-mas Retainers - Acura
X-mas Retainers - AMC
X-mas Retainers - BMW
X-mas Retainers - Chrysler
X-mas Retainers - Ford
X-mas Retainers - GM
X-mas Retainers - Honda
X-mas Retainers - Isuzu
X-mas Retainers - Lexus
X-mas Retainers - Mercedes

Metric Fasteners - Chrysler
Metric Fasteners - GM
Metric Fasteners - Ford

U & J Nuts - Mercedes
Cylinder Head & Manifold Studs


Fasteners & Moulding Clips - Acura Legend
Fasteners & Moulding Clips - Honda Accord
Fasteners & Moulding Clips - Honda Odyssey
Fasteners & Moulding Clips - Ford Mustang
Fasteners & Moulding Clips - Nissan Altima



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